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Wait A While Daintree

Waitawhile is privileged to be surrounded by the creeping vines and emerald canopy of the Daintree Rainforest, a forest that has been growing for more than 180 million years and so spectacular, Sir David Attenborough called it “the most extraordinary place on Earth.”     


Everything that we do is in full commitment to protecting, nurturing and maintaining the critical balance between the retreat and the diverse eco-system of the Daintree.


Waitawhile switched to 100% solar powered in 2021 – saving an estimated 3000Ltrs of diesel being burnt per year.  We want to showcase that living purely on battery and solar power is possible.   At Waitawhile all light fittings and utensils have been assess for energy efficiency.  We have calculated the annual carbon footprint, including an allowance for guest fuel usage and have undertaken a replanting program including removal of exotic species along with over 500 new indigenous plants to ensure your holiday is a carbon neutral one.  


To allow you to fully embrace a true  “eco experience” we had to look at more than just having solar power and water saving shower heads.  


The property is architecturally designed to enhance natural ventilation, the security screens ensure airflow whilst also providing a chemical free barrier to wildlife.  When available rainwater is used, we ask you to sort your waste to assist with recycling and we use and recommend local suppliers with a similar ethos and who we know will enhance your trip and understanding of this very special part of our planet.


We are committed to this very special place by conviction and passion and we hope you will enjoy your stay.