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Mobile Phone



WaitaWhile retreat prides itself on being in one of the most pristine  parts of Australia.  While there is limited phone coverage in the area there is NO mobile coverage at the property.

Whilst we recommend that you may like a digital detox, you are able to access your messages and phone calls via switching your mobile to WIFI calling 




WaitaWhile has free WIFI via NBN satellite.  Due to the nature of the service you have access to email, browsing, video calling etc, but the downloading of movies is restricted.  We recommend that you download movies prior to arrival, or just sit outside, watch the stars and listen to the Forrest 


Can I swim at

the Beach


We do not recommend this due to the potential of becoming a food source. 

The stinger season runs from November to May and while this can be countered with stinger suits Cow Bay beach is frequented by saltwater crocodiles and stinger suits do not stop Crocs. 

Our magnesium swimming pool is a great backup & so far croc free.


Where is the closest supermarket


North of the Daintree Ferry there are a couple of well stocked local stores and a service station.

The closest supermarket is a Woolworths located in Mossman.


Do I need a



No – a normal car is suitable.

The road is sealed as far as Cape Tribulation and Wait-a-While has an all weather gravel driveway.   During periods of very heavy rain in the wet season parts of the road may become closed due to flooding. 


Special Offers and Discounts


Occasionally we have specials – follow us on Instagram to be notified of any lastminute deals.